Ekonomia The journal of the
Cyprus Economic Society
(formerly The Cyprus Journal of Economics)

Volume 6, No 1, June 1993

Exchange Rate Dynamics for a Net Creditor and a Net Debtor Country: Some Simulation Results

The military-industrial Complex: An Analytical Assessment

Implementation of Agency Contracts

Implementation is the study of how to achieve a particular allocation (or an allocation that satisfies certain objectives) between several agents, when the allocation also depends on private information held by the agents. In this paper we survey the current work in this area with the main emphasis on the principal-agents setting. The literature largely consists of examples and a few are given here to illustrate the main techniques for implementation. We conclude with a discussion of the possible extensions and limitations of the techniques and directions for further research.

Modelling the Demand for Greek Defence Expenditure: An Error Correction Approach

This paper attempts to analyze the strategic determinants of Greek military expenditure by using an error correction model. We model two kinds of war threats faced by Greece: first, the Turkish military expenditure and, second, the Warsaw Pact Capability. Greece could exhibit either a "free-rider" or a "follower" behavior within the NATO Alliance. Empirical findings reveal that Turkish military spending is an important factor of the Greek defense policy making. Also, in the short-run we find the presence of a "follower" mode of response of Greek military authorities to the US spending.

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